Hawkins\Brown installs WikiHouse workplaces on former Olympic Broadcast Centre\

Dezeen reports on our recently completed project The Gantry at Here East.

Hawkins\Brown has built 21 modular workspaces on the structure of Here East, the former broadcast centre at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.

Named The Gantry, the workspaces are installed across the exterior of the 240-metre-long Olympic Broadcast Centre, on a steel structure that previously held the air handling units required to operate the broadcast centre during the London 2012 Olympics.

“There's sometimes space for something a bit odd or silly. We were very focused on humanising what could have been a very brutal and relentless structure.”

Nick Gaskell Partner, Hawkins\Brown

This project is the latest stage of Hawkins\Brown's five year conversion of the huge former building into office and workshop spaces.

Each of the 22 studios, which overlook the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, is house-shaped. They are all decorated in bright colours, with the aim of enlivening the facade of the huge building.

“Spatial and structural constraints prevented us from assembling entire studios off-site and lifting them onto the gantry. This was one of the reasons that WikiHouse proved to be the perfect system - it is effectively flat-packed modules assembled on site, so it's a nimbler construction process.”

Nick Gaskell Partner, Hawkins\Brown

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