Hawkins\Brown wins AJ100 Best use of Technology prize\

This year's AJ100 awards have been a huge success for not only the Here East project team at Hawkins\Brown, but for the practice as a whole. We are thrilled to have been awarded the prize for Best use of Technology.

Amid all of the noise surrounding new developments in BIM or virtual reality, it can be easy to lose track of one of the fundamental roles that technology can play for architects: streamlining ‘the crappy jobs’ (as one judge called them) and freeing up more time that can be put back into the design process. Hawkins\Brown has demonstrated a deep awareness of this.

These ranged from a piece of ‘briefing’ software and the writing of custom scripts to automate dull and repetitive tasks in CAD software to the supplementing of WikiHouse software with parametric software in the design and CNC production of a series of ‘sheds’ for the Here East project, or the use of a ‘spandreliser’ to generate façade patterns.

Particularly impressive, however, was the level of analysis into the impact these seemingly simple and common-sense initiatives had not only on profitability but on the wellbeing and satisfaction of staff.

“A very effective demonstration of a number of innovations at various stages of the design process.”

Judge AJ100 Awards 2018

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