#Great Schools Think Tank\

With a newly elected Conservative government in place, Hawkins\Brown, Aecom, Urban Projects Bureau and Creative Wit identify four areas where architects can influence the next generation of schools

Funding and estates

The Conservative Party victory in the general election means market forces will play a greater role in school life. Architects must understand the drivers behind the funding if they are to deliver well‑designed schools over the next five years.

Sharing facilities

The poor state of some schools’ specialist facilities and the lack of funds to overhaul them means architects need to think laterally to meet staff and pupil needs. By designing shared central facilities it could be possible for a school to serve the wider local community.

Long-term thinking

School design is strongly influenced by the ideology of the incumbent government. Therefore architects need to design a greater level of flexibility in order that school buildings can adapt to new pedagogic models.

The school experience

As schools behave more like private businesses they will be in competition with one another to attract the best teachers and students. Architects can draw on their experience in the private sector to help them achieve this.

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