"Could business parks become wild and shaggy?"\

With a network of dormant business parks dotted across the UK, Nicola Rutt writes in the NLA about how to unlock their potential

Business parks are undergoing a major re-think, hastened further by the Covid-19 pandemic. Once grey corporate boxes of the 1980s are now areas of opportunity, offering plenty of open space, fresh air, green landscape and large floorplates. Furthermore, with many business parks only approximately 30 years old, a complete overhaul can be achieved without too great a financial or environmental strain.

Exploring this and Hawkins\Brown's work on the former Microsoft campus at Thames Valley Park, near Reading, Nicola's article can be read here.

“As we look to the future of work beyond the pandemic we have an opportunity to create new workplaces that focus on health and wellbeing - where buildings connect to the natural environment and business communities have space to breathe.”

Nicola Rutt Head of Workplace

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