Cost Model Higher Education Refurb\

“As the building will be home to one of the best schools of architecture in the UK, the focus on design is acute. The design developed through dialogue with the building users, including students and key academic design staff, to ensure it meets their high expectations. Architect Hawkins\Brown describes this as “designing from the inside out”.

Key to this process though was the appointment of project champions who acted as ambassadors for their colleagues in the school and helped convey insights of its pedagogy, culture and ethos.

Consultation sessions were supportive of the school’s studio unit system, and the solution seeks to continue to nurture these family-like clusters, whilst simultaneously encouraging broader interaction and collaboration throughout the school.

Significant changes to a design brief can cause substantial changes to costs and viability, and so a robust briefing and engagement process is critical. During the outline design phase high-level cost estimating on numerous proposed designs helped to inform the best fit between necessary work and affordability. This was undertaken in close collaboration with Hawkins\Brown.”

John O'Neill and Ross Westwood of Aecom, Euan Macdonald of Hawkins\Brown

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