Archinect speaks with Alastair Roberts about our approach to employee ownership\

How are we empowering our employees?

Great buildings and spaces are the result of contributions from a variety of people. By moving from an Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) to an Employee Owned business model, we are able to champion every single person working for Hawkins\Brown.

Alastair Roberts, COO, spoke with Archinect UK about this transition, reflecting our collaborative culture and the number of mechanisms we have designed to ensure every employee's voice is heard and considered.

'A Guide to Employee-Owned Architecture Firms, by Those Who Have Made the Change' is available to read here.

“Fundamentally, we seek to operate a genuinely collective ownership model, where everybody’s views are considered, both individually and collectively, for both long-term and day-to-day operating decisions.”

Alastair Roberts COO

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