AJ Roundtable: Bridging the Skills Gap\

Hawkins\Brown founder Roger Hawkins told the meeting about his firm’s ‘80/20’ working week practice. He revealed that 10 per cent of Hawkins\Brown architects work a four-day week on jobs in hand, with the fifth day set aside to pursue other projects or research.

He said: ‘We introduced the 80/20 working approach over the past year. Our staff still work five days in the office but core time is four days a week with one day a week a bit more relaxed.  We encourage our associates, for example, to do a bit of training or research with their 20 per cent.’

Hawkins added that the 80/20 model – which has also been used by Google – had helped with resourcing, as extra staff could be drafted onto a project if the team was struggling to meet a deadline. ‘It has created an internal float of resource, which is self-managed,’ he said.

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