A contemporary idiom, Great Suffolk Street\

Our refurbishment and extension of 53 Great Suffolk Street, a Victorian warehouse in Southwark, gets a feature in this week's Brick Bulletin.

Hawkins\Brown’s refurbishment and extension of 53 Great Suffolk Street incorporates a new-build extension that reinterprets the language of the existing building in a contemporary idiom to deliver contemporary office space. The project is located within a district of both industrial and cultural buildings in a lively neighbourhood that is home to local institutions such as the Union Theatre and Great Suffolk Street Warehouse. Through retaining the warehouse and creating a complementary extension, the historical character has been respected, while supporting wider enhancements led by Southwark Council to revitalise the surrounding area.

The envelope of the new extension showcases traditional manufacturing techniques, including hand-blended clinker bricks, which combine durability with natural colour variation. Hawkins\Brown underwent a lengthy selection process for the new external bricks to ensure they reflect not just the context of the building but encompass the broader design approach.

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