Value the Social\

On Thursday 21st November 2013 Hawkins\Brown sponsored a Conference at the NLA, co-curated with Satwinder Samra of Sheffield University on the ‘future of practice’. The discussion was chaired by Will Hunter from the Architectural Review, with short talks by Roger and Russell topping and tailing the conference.

At a time when architecture is being increasingly over taken by process and technology, it is critical to keep social awareness on the design agenda.

Speakers from emerging practices Carmody Groake and Coffey Architects spoke eloquently about striving to bring a public element into what are still quite modest projects. Irena Bauman typically raised a more deliberately political agenda, challenging the assumptions of consumerist and capitalist systems and seeking political change by criticizing the banking system.

Russell, paraphrasing John F Kennedy on the anniversary of his death, spoke about how architects should be thinking about ‘what they could do for society rather than what society could do for them’.

Roger Hawkins and Will Hunter developed the themes of the discussion from the front of house, but perhaps the best conversations carried on in the pub later!

'Value the Social': A voice for the future of practice

In association with The University of Sheffield
Sponsored by Hawkins\Brown

Speakers included:

Will Hunter - Architectural Review (Chair)
Professor Irena Bauman - The University of Sheffield
Phil Coffey - Coffey Architects
Daisy Froud - AOC
Andy Groarke - Carmody Groarke
Roger Hawkins - Hawkins\Brown
Satwinder Samra - The University of Sheffield

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