Trip to WeiHag's fabrication site\

Hawkins\Brown were given a fantastic opportunity to visit WeiHag’s fabrication site in Altheim, Austria this week, where they saw the timber for the City of London Freemen’s School swimming pool being produced. The swimming pool’s internally expressive structure consists of a GluLam (glue laminated timber) portal frame braced with a Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) roof and walls.

WeiHag are a family owned company who have been designing and manufacturing timber structures for over 150 years. At their state of the art production facility they undertake each stage of the glulam production process. All of their timber is sourced from local producers. They meticulously dry and then scan the timber for structural and visual defects, before laminating multiple timber planks to create bespoke beams. In the hand finishing area of the factory, the Freemen’s team could see the final stages of the production process – the steel connection joints being fixed to the timber beams and columns. The structural sections will then be wrapped in a protective film and shipped from Rotterdam to Dover, ready to be assembled on the School’s site, in Surrey, in 1 week. All of the Pool’s timber structure, including the roof and walls will be delivered and assembled in 3 weeks.

Using GluLam and CLT has greatly increased the speed of the pool’s construction and will allow the contractor to deliver the scheme in 1 year. The pool is due to complete in September 2017.

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