Three Stops in China\

Roger Hawkins and Fang Fang have just completed another trip to China. They went out with 2 jobs and came back with 2 more!

Guangfu, 4 hours south of Beijing is a 2,600 year old walled town built in the centre of Yongnian Marsh, one of the largest wetlands in Hebei Province.  Known as the birthplace of Tai Chi and famous for its local fish delicacies, it is about to be transformed in to a tourist destination.  Hawkins\Brown are advising on a sustainable development plan, promoting sensitive conservation techniques, mixed with a variety of new buildings and a diversity of uses.

On to Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province in southwest China, with a growing population of 10 million. There are 3 proposed extensions to the metro line, each a similar size to Crossrail. Hawkins\Brown, using skills picked up on Tottenham Court Road, Liverpool Street and Stratford Stations has been asked to prepare masterplans for 2 major metro interchanges.  Fantastic food in Chengdu; I cant wait to go back.

Back in Beijing after a busy week. The sun came out encouraging residents to visit their local parks.  Enjoyed an excellent sweet potato from street vendor and visited Tiananmen Square for the Party Congress.  Spent some time talking about collaboration with the local design institutes and eating more excellent food.  This time live prawns and eels.

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