The Museum of Architecture's Gingerbread City at Somerset House 2019\

This year we were delighted to participate in the Museum of Architecture's hugely popular Gingerbread City exhibition at Somerset House, which challenges leading architects, engineers and designers to create a futuristic city made entirely of gingerbread. The exhibition is open until the 5 January 2020.

The Museum of Architecture’s Gingerbread City is a celebration of place. It is intended to get people who may not normally spend much time thinking about the built environment to engage with the challenges of creating good places that best support how we live, work and play. Established in London in 2016, Gingerbread City’s popularity and reach has grown and grown year on year. Hawkins\Brown have been keen participants in the annual exhibition.

This year’s city explores the theme ‘transport’ with over 100 architects, engineers and designers expected to use their design expertise (and baking genius) to create a city that explores imaginative new ways of moving around our densely populated cities - all made entirely from gingerbread.

Photos above by Luke O’Donovan

Sugarset House

Our plot Sugarset House based in the London Quarter has seen the water levels rise and the River Thames has burst its banks. The partially frozen courtyard of Sugarset House provides a backdrop for a vibrant community hub, not dissimilar to the ‘frost fairs’ of the 16th Century. A network of sugary waterways and canals has become the dominant form of transport across the city and the sites proximity to the Thames allows the building to harness hydroelectric power. Long gone are the days when the courtyard was home to a car park; water-based transport has been reimagined to transform the London Quarter.

The exhibition at Somerset House will be open until the 5th January 2020. Book your tickets here


Studio North

Next year, MoA intends to bring Gingerbread City to Manchester. In advance of this, MoA paired up with Manchester architects to run a series of workshops open to local families. The theme for the workshops was “The High-rise Skyline”, chosen to reflect Manchester’s growing skyline. Workshops included an introduction to high-rise towers led by an architectural practice and covering topics such as how high-rise towers are designed, how they stand up and how they can be designed more sustainably. Then, the MoA team taught participants about gingerbread construction and invited families to create their own skyline with a 'kit of gingerbread parts'.

Studio North’s workshop focussed on creating communities in the sky and bringing colour to our cityscapes like in our landmark projects Park Hill and East Village Plot N06.

Photos below by Richard Abram

“Hawkins\Brown Studio North is delighted to be involved in Gingerbread City Manchester. Educating the next generation about the built environment, and the social responsibility that comes with shaping it, is something we feel passionately about – Gingerbread City is a playful way to encourage conversation around the future of our built environment.”

Katie Tonkinson, Head of Studio North

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