The Humble Table\

Watch the new film made by Poke featuring Here East, Hawkins\Brown, opendesk, Wilder Creative and DN&Co.

The film tells the story of the collaborative relationships involved in realising Here East through one bespoke item; the Boardroom Table for the Marketing Suite.

This table, a humble table, so often chosen from a catalog and overlooked for its potential, has become a key part of the story. Rather than using it to display material, the table is the material. It was part of our drive to ensure that the space was true to the vision; that it was made within London, by local makers, designers and through collaborations with innovative people.

The brief for the table was created by the team during a design workshop, the infrastructure was designed by opendesk as a modification to Lean Desk, which was the original opendesk desk, the foundation of the start-up, fittingly first designed in East London in 2012, the same year as the Olympics; both of which have a legacy in Here East. The table top design, a development of the 2D Brand by DN&Co, has been effectively delivered and upscaled; made in two tones of white 6mm Corian- topping the robust and simple plywood infrastructure. The full design, the marriage of all of these elements, came together through a series of collaborative meetings, workshops, consultations and prototypes, involving none other than 4 consultants, 2 clients, 2 makers, 3 installers and a lot of coffee!

When you imagine that this is the collaborative input for one table, the numbers involved in making Here East happen, all 1.2 million sqft of it, become awe-inspiring.

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