The Hill is Alive \

Almost ten years have passed since the last tenants moved out of the northern most block at Park Hill.Standing 13 stories tall and towering over Sheffield city centre the progress of Park Hill’s transformation has been a public event that has captured the attention of many. A great deal has happened over the past 10 years and much of it not limited to bricks and mortar.

Artist Annika Errikson has bathed it in light as part of a light installation that illuminated the façade against the skyline.

It has been stripped bare of its existing brick infill panels such that only its defining concrete frame stood bare on the Sheffield skyline.

Its famous and heartbreaking graffiti ‘I love you will you marry me’ has been immortalized as a long lasting request for the cities affections.

The much-loved joke by the previous building caretaker, Granville, has come true with the addition of shiny aluminium and glass infill panels; a new stainless steel staircase and glass elevators. ‘She is a grand old lady who has come on hard times.  She just wants to wash her face and put on a new frock and she’ll be out there’

Over the past year the first new apartments have been installed in the tallest section of the building that overlooks the Park Square Roundabout.  And with this, the reinvented ‘Streets in the Sky’, that once allowed milk floats to trundle up and down, have been reinstated.

This year, a further and significant part of the jigsaw has been set in place.   In January 2013, the first tenants moved in, and with this defining moment the building started a new phase in it’s life.

"I looked at a lot of modern flats and they all seemed very boxy, almost like slightly posher student halls. This is different – it's spacious and well designed.”
A quote from one of the new residents printed in The Guardian, Sunday 30 December 2012

We are delighted to hear that the residents are enjoying their new Park Hill homes, and are looking forward to the next stage of the story.

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