The City of bicycles and hidden gems... and a cheeky visit to Malmö \

A rich history, a diverse culture and an array of mouth-watering food; Copenhagen (København) provided us hidden gems at every corner we turned.

As architectural aficionados our first stop was obviously for food! We stumbled across a petit café that stacked huge sandwiches and pizzas which were near impossible to finish. Energy levels boosted we set off! The city is vast and much of its interesting architecture is dispersed, this gave us the opportunity to cycle through Copenhagen. The Jewish Museum by Daniel Libeskind, Nykredit Bank by SHL and the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek built around the work of Carl Jacobsen were just a few of the architectural pieces we saw on our travels.

Cycling south we began to see how the city was coping and expanding with an influx of first time buyers and migrants. Mass housing schemes by architects Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) gave us a glimpse of the Danish approach to large scale housing. The 2011 Award Winning Housing Project; 8TALLET stole the show with a series of ramps, balconies and an interesting approach to green roofs the project took social housing and created an engaging series of complex typologies.

After seeing projects of this scale we opted to go in search of more intimate design and were fortunate enough to visit the Bagsværd Church by Jørn Utzon. At first glance a Church is not what we saw, the exterior was similar to that of an industrial factory building however the interior was a complete contrast. Inspired by Buddhist Temples, two parallel walkways lead to the Churches central congregation area. The space encloses a striking curved roof structure which, was designed to emulate clouds and create a sense of elevation. This intention coupled with the mixture of rigid and flowing geometry created a peaceful environment.

Our trip was drawing to an end.  However, one more architectural gem was in store. Further North we visited the Louisana Museum of Modern Art. The museum’s current exhibitions housed the work of Yoko Ono, Tara Donovan and Richard Serra but the site itself is what grabbed our attention. The building is set overlooking the strait between Denmark and Sweden, this offered picturesque views which were postcard worthy. A brief visit over the border to Malmo, Sweden drew our visit to a close.

A great trip to Copenhagen but no visit would be complete without a short stop to the Little Mermaid Statue!

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