The Big Draw: Continued\

In continuation of our involvement with The Big Draw Festival at School 21, we set out to brick the children’s drawings to life through the use of digital model making methods.

The theme for Big Draw 2016 was STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. The drawing and discussion session with School 21 formed the basis for our digital creation, which concluded our collaboration with School 21.

The aim for our model was to explore and encompass all aspects of STEAM by representing the drawings three-dimensionally. As architects, our profession relies on all of these subjects, and the process of designing and making emphasizes this. For architects, art is as important as the core STEAM subjects. Our collaboration gave students an insight into how STEAM subjects can be linked.

“With the advent of 3D printing, the models we make can be quicker, messier and more collaborative. We will be able to transform the pupils’ imaginations into architectural objects without losing the playfulness and creativity of the original drawings.”

Digital Studio Hawkins\Brown

Design and Model Making

The design and making involved many different people within Hawkins\Brown: the analogue studio (hand drawing), digital studio, model making and community engagement. This reflects that architecture applies all aspects of STEAM. We used different methods of model making: laser cutting, laser etching and 3D printing, which highlighted the technology involved.

Students and architects drew sketches based on the question: What will Stratford look like in 50 years’ time. We scanned the images to convert them into 3D extrusions to be 3D printed.

School 21's Exhibition Evening

The model was presented alongside a display of drawings, photographs and videos from the day. We had the opportunity to join the Year 9 students to explain the project to visitors and fellow students. The display shows the drawing process was well received by students, teachers and visitors.

“We love the model because it is filled with vibrant colours! It reminds us of the colours of the Olympic rings. We like that all our drawings are on one big square-shaped model and it shows happiness and teamwork. We love how instead of making the base of this design just plain, you added some of our drawings and how the people in the model are doing different things. It is very bright and gives out positivity.”

Year 9 Pupils School 21

Passionate About Community

For architects, this is a great reminder of why we are passionate about architecture, and the importance of engaging the public in their built environment. The feedback we received from the pupils has been very encouraging. They learnt that their imagination, creativity and ideas are a valuable contribution. In turn, this has transformed their thoughts and relationship with their surroundings. We think it is important for everyone to have an opinion or idea about how their city looks, works, provides for its residents. It was great to hear all of the students’ ideas!

As architects, we take for granted that art is as vital as STEAM subjects in our education. We hope that the Big Draw’s theme has helped to highlight its importance in curricula.

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“The structure of the piece represents our imagination of what Stratford will look like in 50 years’ time. We would like to think that in 50 years’ time the children in School 21 will be able to come back and see what we thought it would look like and how much it has changed!

Thank you for everything - we really appreciate that you chose our school and showed interest in us. It was a pleasure meeting you and we really enjoy spending the time with you and we really had fun with our imaginations.”

Year 9 Pupils School 21

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