High commendation for Summer Speculations design competition\

Of the many entries received, our 'Culture Cloud' was selected for shortlist to invigorate the Culture Mile - an urban corridor where creativity is fast becoming the most valuable currency.

Architects, designers and artists were invited to speculate on the architectural and design future of the Culture Mile. The City of London Corporation launched the competition as an opportunity to put forward innovative ideas for how we could 'bring the inside out', transforming the streets with artistic inventions and unique events.

Entrants were asked to identify spaces or opportunities within the Culture Mile, with a particular focus on innovative design, and architectural or structural changes that could be implemented to create an impact on it’s existing built environment. We were also asked to propose site-specific ideas, based on the area and the cultural activity that takes place there, with an emphasis on imaginative, speculative responses to the brief. The winning applicant would then get the opportunity to actually deliver their proposal within Culture Mile.

The Culture Cloud

The Culture Cloud would be a travelling temporary installation. Over the next few years there will be a number of landmark additions to the area. In celebration of each stage of development, the Culture Cloud could be inflated at key thresholds and along key routes to promote cultural activities and act as a wayfinding tool - visually connecting existing and new destinations. The transportable pavilion could create an engaging flexible indoor/ outdoor performance area suitable for exhibiting artistic and musical events.

The Culture Cloud is made up of five segments, representing the unity of the five institutions of the Culture Mile. Although the installation would only be in one place at a time, the routes it would create will be long lasting. As the Cloud moves through the Culture Mile over the upcoming years it would become a recognisable sign of new activity in the local area, and provide an opportunity to reveal the cultural content to a wider audience.

“An imaginative and very well-presented response. Really had the speculative element that we were looking for.”

Helen Kearney Project Manager, Summer Speculations

Congratulations to the winning entry, 'Beacons, Interventions, Connections', by Spacehub. Click here to find out more about the competition and details of the other entries.

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