Work experience at Studio North\

Last week, 15 year old Holly joined us at Studio North, aspiring to follow her grandfather's footsteps in becoming an architect.

Holly joined us as part of our “Studio North Extra” initiative, set up earlier this year to coordinate our local social value activities and in doing so, maximise their impact and reach in the local community and wider Greater Manchester area.

Aged just 15, Holly was thrown in the 'architectural deep end' from the start of her week long work experience, being challenged with the design of a small house on a constrained site between a busy road and a canal. The brief gave Holly insight into the design process and a range of architectural concepts. This gave rise to an expanded knowledge regarding domestic dimensions, spatial arrangement and drawing principles, some of the first things one must come to grips with on their journey to becoming an architect.

Architectural activities

A complete experience

Across the week that Holly was with us she was given an introduction to a variety of programs and design techniques, in order to give her a flavour of what architecture involves. This ranged from 3D modeling in SketchUp to visualisations in Photoshop and more.

Her introduction to the world of architecture also delved into the interpersonal and communicated aspects of the profession, with tutorials with mentors, meetings with a variety of Hawkins\Brown staff members and a concluding group “crit” which gave her the opportunity to reflect on her week with us and provide her with targets, aims and aspirations for the future.

Holly's work experience is just one part of Hawkins\Brown's wider aspiration to extend our social outreach to the communities that we work in. Gladly, after a week with Hawkins\Brown, Holly is still hoping to pursue her goal of becoming an architect!

“Although I’ve only been here a week, I’ve learnt a lot. From Sketch-up and Photoshop skills to presenting meetings and reviewing feedback. Not only has my time here been filled with activities but also really pleasant people who have helped me through the week and made me feel comfortable.”

Holly Work experience student

“Holly was buzzing after her week with you and we are so grateful to you all for the opportunity.”

Angus Holly's dad

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