Studio 1 Exhibition\

At Hawkins\Brown, we nurture creativity and enthusiasm in many ways but principally by maintaining an exciting, supportive and interactive working ethos.

Our studio environment supports our culture and values the process of always listening and learning. Social, cultural and artistic agendas strongly influence the practice of architecture at Hawkins\Brown. Architectural quality is achieved through collaboration, research, dedication and a sense of fun.

The studio was posed with the challenge of curating an exhibition which reflected the diverse interests and inspirations of the team - from projects previously undertaken, to research projects and broader cultural interests which all feed into the way we work and design. It offered an opportunity to learn about the strange and wonderful things which pre-occupy us while we design… from the archetypal maverick detective, Sarah Lund to the Scottish modernism of Gillespie Kidd & Coia. What also emerged was a concern for the future of architecture for education (a sector which the studio is particularly involved in).

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