Showcasing our design talent - part one\

We have just showcased our talented Part 1 architectural assistants in an exhibition that allows those who have recently joined Hawkins\Brown to share their experiences of the places they have previously studied and worked.

We are delighted this year to have a number of RIBA bronze medal nominees join us. They are the degree students judged to have had the best final year thesis projects across all UK schools of architecture. Our Part 1s have been selected from a wide range of universities including the University of Sheffield, the University of Westminster, Central Saint Martins, and the University of Manchester.

Cycle Vault, Callum Birchall

The design sits harmoniously within its site, ensuring flexible motion in and around the building. It projects ideas of what is technically possible and what is emotionally engaging for the brand and brief.

The typology of a parking structure played a key part in the design, showing that function plays a bigger part in the form of the building.

It is inevitable that there are dimensional restraints and guidelines, however, these can be tested and proved not to be absolute through simple efficiencies that the bicycle conveys, which can then be narratively linked back to the design process.

Geometry and proportion were imperative to this approach, as well as the environmental performance and direct user experience, which typical parking structures don’t emphasise on.

Ultimately this building tells a story of fluidity and movement, it demonstrates structure and the capabilities of materials, enriching the space and the overall programme for the ‘museological’ building, housing the history and the future of the bicycle.

The Anti Drawing School, Amy Wallace

The Art School is under attack! The commodification of education is stifling creativity and creating a generation of consumers. Vivienne Westwood will be the figurehead for this institution: The Anti-Drawing School. Encroaching on the Royal Drawing School’s territory, this creative citadel will be inhabited by her devotees, co-conspirators and sworn enemies. A place for radical independence and the staging ground for the next aesthetic revolution.

Glimpsing the Carousel, Maciej Sobieraj

Taken at a basic level architectural promenade refers to the experience of walking through a building. Taken at a deeper level, it refers to the complex web of ideas that contribute to the overall experiencing of architecture.

This is a study of processional architecture incorporated into a theatre production facility building in central London. Like a carousel the building users, both employees and the public walk through the building and on every step, they can catch a glimpse of set production process.

The buildings’ roof and walls making one continuous surface, integrate the ground with the building form. Network of lines defined by the site continues into the building, winding up and through the floors in the form of viewing platforms. It’s a careful response to the site’s context, made possible thanks to a careful analysis of the photogrammetrically generated 3d site scan.

A Tale of Two Cities, Signe Pelne

This is a tale of two cities – Beijing and London – where the shared issue of lost communities and neglected public spaces within low-income residential enclaves is addressed in a pair of housing proposals.

In Beijing, the ghost of the Hutongs streets are evoked by a series of single-storey dwellings; courtyards and passages carved out of the ground, forming a network of public, shared, and private spaces.

In London the neglected public space is turned into a system of public and semi-public courtyards, which are formed by the tight knit grid of the living modules, bringing the residents and the public together in a tapestry of new encounters

Project nominated for the AJ Student Prize 2018

The Brewery Guild, Thelma Mbewe

A modern-day guild is an association, much like the RIBA itself, established to protect the integrity and name of craftsmen around the UK. In Yorkshire, the most prominent craft is brewing – a growing trade that is intrinsically linked to the identity of Yorkshire. With over 20 micro-breweries in Sheffield alone, the Brewery Guild is the flagship building to all brewing craftsmen within Yorkshire. The Brewery Guild was designed to educate the public on the craft of brewing & provide teaching space for apprentices through several onsite microbreweries, to maintain and encourage the growth of craft beer within Yorkshire.

Highrise Hutong, Open Enclave, Remi Kuforiji

Highrise Hutong
Exploring the potential for traditional Chinese courtyard house typology to be successfully replicated within a high-density housing complex, which creates a link between the neighbouring housing blocks of the Fuguo Li site, and the Hutong neighbourhood in Beijing, China.

Open Enclave
In providing Tybalds Estate with much needed family homes and locally sought-after student housing, the proposal re-imagines a porous and inhabited landscape which encourages the interaction between residents and visitors of the site.

Humzah Uzzaman

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