Shortlisted for £18m Leicester Railway Museum\

We are delighted to be in the final running to design Leicester’s new £18 million Great Central Railway Museum.

Supported by the National Railway Museum in York, the new 5,100 sq m facility will be constructed next to the heritage railway’s existing Leicester North terminus.

The Museum will be a celebratory focus at the terminus of what is the UK’s only main line steam railway. Our design proposal is organised around a central turntable, which forms the scheme’s dynamic centrepiece. A powerful display of engineering in itself, the turntable serves as an exhibition plinth and a public amphitheatre for events and talks. The museum building is formed of a semi-circle enclosing a courtyard around the turntable, with pitched roofs fanning out radially. It is both contemporary and contextual - the architecture provides a counterpoint to and connection with historical engineering. The visitor will experience a museum that is uniquely integrated with a live working station – the perfect place to engage with the visceral drama of the steam age.

“Our proposals marry the past and the future to create something really unique for Leicester.”

Hazel York Partner

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