RIBA London Awards 2017\

We are delighted to announce that Hawkins\Brown were the recipient of two awards at the RIBA London ceremony last night. The two recognised projects are Burridge Gardens and The Bartlett School of Architecture. Congratulations to all involved in the success of those projects.

The Bartlett School of Architecture

“The jury felt that this was an extremely successful adaption and extension of the existing building to meet the complex requirements of the School of Architecture. The ability for the new school to provide a desk for each student was considered a major achievement. The breathing areas provided in the crit spaces, with folding screens and stair spaces connecting the departments, were seen as areas of great potential.

The jury felt that this was a building that would evolve with use and the capacity for that to happen had been successfully provided for. In specific locations, such as the stair handrail and elements of existing structure, the history of the building was revealed in a way that the jury enjoyed.

The provision of additional space outside the existing elevation was neatly and clearly expressed and also provided further, valuable accommodation. The elevation of the building provides a simple and unpretentious new enclosure, while identifying the significant internal spaces.

The dense fit out provides high level shelving for possessions and models, with an upstand at the back of the desk for sketches and images.

The general impression created was of an energetic and exciting place to work, with occasional generous corners in which to relax or study. The jury generally felt that this was an extremely successful reincarnation of the School of Architecture, with potential for students to take further ownership and engagement with the building in the future.”

RIBA London Judging Panel

Burridge Gardens, St John’s Hill​

“In their assessment of St John's Hill, the jury praised the site's very strong layout, both in terms of responding to the surroundings, but also planning for the next phases of a bigger and transformative masterplan. Peabody, working closely with the architects, has delivered a very successful process to bring original tenants back into the new dwellings. The whole development appears to be a successful and secure place in which to live.

A notable feature within the project is the use of original art. The team worked with sculptor Rodney Harris to create relief sculptures located at various points in the elevations, recalling the domestic history of the site. These works are really moving and beautifully made.

The greatest achievement here is the quality of the architecture and landscape design. Throughout, the design is not only robust and appropriate to this type of complex housing brief, but it is skilled and delightful, full of lovely details and remembering so much of what is excellent about Peabody’s esteemed architectural heritage. The buildings are also noticeably very well built. Furthermore, the landscape design is excellent, always successfully resolving the key issues of public and private space, with high quality materials and planting everywhere.

The jury considered this to be an exemplar housing project of its type.”

RIBA London Judging Panel

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