RIBA Ambassadors Workshop at Boutcher School\

Following the success of previous workshops we have run with the RIBA Architecture Ambassadors programme, we were invited to Boutcher School to lead two sessions with their imaginative Year 5 pupils.

Day One

The workshops aimed to give the children an insight into architecture and were themed around the topic of Ancient Greece. We began by introducing the children to the architectural design process through the tale of the Minotaur, speaking through the roles of the architect, the client and the user. The class then chose clients, from athletes to market traders, and discussed what kind of space each would need.

We then introduced the class to the principles of classical design through showing examples in both London and Greece. The class then made their own Parthenon, making a colourful column each and assembling together.

The pupils worked in pairs and begin designing spaces for their clients through model making. We were very impressed by their fantastic imaginations!

“The model-making particularly caught their imagination - the possibility of it all generated a buzz of excitement in the classroom. When the models were finished, the children were all proud of what they’d done; they all felt it had been worthwhile.”

Edward Avis, teacher at Boutcher School

Day Two

By the second session, they had perfected their models. We talked through other tools architects use, such as user consultation and masterplanning. Each pupil drew elevations of their models using the techniques we had described with thoughtful attention to detail.

We then jumped up to a much bigger scale and split the class into small teams to plan their towns, intuitively deciding where each of their buildings might sit in relation to context. All of the models were collated into a big town plan, with each pair proudly presenting their work to their peers.

We would like to give a huge thank you to Boutcher School for hosting the workshop. We are very proud of what was achieved in two short sessions and would gladly come again! Thank you too to Fiona MacDonald for her continued support with RIBA Architecture Ambassadors.

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