Proud to be a RIBA Architecture Ambassador\

We are delighted to be participating in a new pilot programme with RIBA which looks to integrate the built environment into schools’ curricula.

We are excited to be taking part in the fantastic programme, which will give young people the opportunity to learn, engage and become more aware of issues around design and the built environment. We believe that the engagement of ‘Architecture Ambassadors’ will enable young people to play an active role in shaping their surroundings, experiencing good design and how it impacts people. This aspiration resounds with our #greatschools campaign which makes a case for good design.

This is something we feel passionate about – we hope the students find it equally enjoyable and rewarding as we do!

We have been partnered with Rokesly Junior School, School 21 Secondary and Connaught School for Girls.

“We must enable the delivery of appropriately designed quality school places with children at the heart of the proposals.”

Taken from the #GreatSchools manifesto

A closer look at one of our partner Schools

One of our teams are partnered with the Year 5 classes at Rokesly Junior School, whose topic this half term is Ancient Greece.

We started our series of workshops by taking part in an interactive tour around the RIBA offices at 66 Portland Place, where we created a ‘human ruler’ to estimate the size of space.

The Palladianism exhibition (Palladian Design: the good, the bad and the unexpected) was also a fantastic start for pupils to learn about Ancient Greek elements in Palladio’s work, and develop a critical eye for different spaces and their representation.

Linking into their curriculum, we will be planning and delivering design and making led workshops. Following an introduction to their site, brief and simple model making techniques, the pupils have been challenged with creating models for their ‘clients’ (gods, goddesses and fictional characters) which will be assembled to form a large scale model of a city. We’ve had an enthusiastic and inspiring start from Rokesly School. We look forward to seeing the final model come together and being part of the design discussions over the next few weeks.

Many thanks to Fiona MacDonald (Learning Manager: Schools and Young People) at RIBA for her continued enthusiasm and support.

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