New Croydon Architecture & Design Exhibition\

The public face of Croydon is set to undergo major transformation in the next three years with the completion of a number of significant collaborative master plans.

An open forum discussion will be held on the 29th June 2012 as part of the New Croydon Architecture & Design Exhibition, where students from London Metropolitan University, Canterbury University and Manchester School of Architecture will present and debate their proposals for Croydon with their tutors from East, FAT, Hawkins\Brown and members of Croydon Council’s place-making team.

In collaboration with Hawkins\Brown and Croydon Council, the students at MSA have been analysing the relationship between infrastructure and interstice in response to the unregulated and hyper-regulated conditions within Croydon. Through design-by-research and research-by-design they have developed interventions through prototyping, manufacture, assembly and digital fabrication processes. The research-by-design lab explores relationships between data, mapping and visual representation to interrogate contemporary and near future urban conditions.

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