Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children - Land Aid\

Julia and Rebecca were fortunate to visit the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children in Finsbury, which offers expert speech and language therapy for young people with a stammer.

The Michael Palin Centre is a specialist centre supported by the charity Action for Stammering Children (ASC). The charity was able to expand as it obtained a grant from the Land Aid Trust to buy the freehold for new premises. The Land Aid Trust supports various projects in different ways through the help of companies and individuals in the property and development industry, such as Hawkins\Brown.

During our visit we experienced first hand how the Land Aid Trust supports charities. We sat in on group therapy session with parents and children, in purpose made spaces, created solely for the role of speech and language therapy. The new spaces offer flexibility of use with the latest equipment facilitating a variety of techniques. Even though this part of an NHS facility, there is homely feel to enable a relaxed, calm atmosphere.

The Centre is welcoming, offering great skills and advice, which people travel far and wide to. After visiting the Michael Palin Centre Hawkins\Brown was pleased to witness how Land Aid can support wonderful causes, building infrastructures, which can later become self-sustaining and offer help to new causes.

In order to raise funds this really worthwhile charity are holding an “Evening with Michael Palin” on Sunday 2nd December at the Playhouse Theatre. During the first part of the evening Michael, who is a Patron of the charity, will entertain the audience with reminiscences of his journey around Brazil, to be featured in a series on BBC1 this month. After the interval Michael will return to the stage and give a magical mystery tour of some of his favourite comedy material. It promises to be a very enjoyable event.

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