Love Park Hill\

David and I visited Sheffield on 29th June to lead a tour around the recently completed apartments as part of the 'Love Architecture Festival' organised by the RIBA

David began the tour by providing an introduction to the project and the story so far, not an easy task given that Hawkins\Brown have been working on the project for 8 years!

We then walked up to the 'Will you marry me bridge' to compare the new development against the old and discuss how the façade has been remodelled.

Finally we visited one of the show apartments to see why one resident upon moving into the building in the 1960's said 'You think I live in council housing. I've got a penthouse'.

David made the important point that the building was incredibly intelligently designed by Jack Lynn and Ivor Smith in the late 1950's and that our work has been an interesting mixture of reinvention and rediscovery. Over the past 8 years we have learnt a great deal about of the qualities of the original design and have fallen in love with the building.

We are delighted that the project has recently been awarded 3 RIBA awards but must point out that a good proportion of those awards should be credited to Jack and Ivor and the original design team involved.

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