Hosting Queen Mary Summer School at the 'Social'\

Shoko and Becks hosted the QMU Summer School at the ‘Social’ RIBA, Portland Place. They devised a series of interactive activities and presentations, inspiring discussion around both design and architecture.

The Summer School invites students from the London Boroughs introducing them to new options for further education. This year’s theme was ‘well-being’.

The morning involved;
A presentation using Hawkins\Brown’s work to illustrate what architects do.
Spatial activities investigating the social aspects of buildings
Social praxis studies - when are you too close for comfort and where does this happen?
Looking at colour - how this made the students feel and how colour is used in our buildings.

The intention was to encourage the students to think about how they use space and how spaces might be improved. One student remarked that “at school we are spoonfed, but at the exhibition we were encouraged to thing for ourselves”. It is our hope that this workshop empowered some of the students to take a vested interest in the design of their environments, but also to think about space at a more sophisticated level.

Please also follow QMU link for further reading;

Many thanks to Lizzie Edwards and Janet Clark at the Ministry of Making for giving us the gig!

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