Heathrow City\

Hawkins\Brown are part of a major London Exhibition showcasing visionary schemes for the redevelopment of the Heathrow site. Commissioned by TfL on behalf of the Mayor of London, the scheme looks to the future to imagine what a 'new town' would be in the event of a Hub airport in the Thames Estuary.

Heathrow City could offer 90,000 jobs and 80,000 homes within London. Our proposal encapsulates three big ideas– the UK’s first airship port, a factory for homes and a green belt in the green belt. The airship port re-imagines the potential of freight travel, distribution and business and commercial travel; utilising the growing technology and airship market. The Factory for Homes gives power back to the people in the design and local fabrication of their homes. This allows for new models of housing development and new types of developers to exist through the advancement of prefab and digital fabrication, and online customisation. The Green Belt within a Green Belt will become one of the greatest parks in London. It will facilitate a series of programmes which last for varied time scales allowing the belt to be occupied and fallow to stimulate and rejuvenate the ecosystems and natural habitats in sequence. The Green Belt allows most residents of Heathrow City to be within a 10 minute walk of this great new amenity.

The Heathrow City proposal was developed by Hawkins\Brown with creative input from collaborators &&& and Factory Fifteen. Lead by the &\Also Think Tank the project has allowed us to continue our research dialogue- developing areas of research in future London planning, future ideas for infrastructure, developments in manufacture and fabrication using digital technology and future trends in Urbanism.

Currently showing at the NLA – London’s Centre for the Built Environment, the exhibition is open Monday- Saturday until 9th August.

Read about our proposals here.


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