Harbinder Birdi Presents at TEDxWandworth - Art in Infrastructure\

In late 2016, Harbinder Birdi delivered a TED talk as part of the TEDxWandsworth event, revealing how architecture and art are informing the construction of the three central-section Crossrail stations in collaboration with engineers, contractors and artists.

The event took place at South Thames College on 5 November and included 16 speakers and performers presenting to over 100 delegates throughout the day, while videos of the talks are available online to a global audience. The success of the TED format is in its variety, which this year included talks on medical research and ethics, personal health and expression, technology and design.

An overarching theme of 'perspective' was used for this year's event by the curating team, who guided the speakers to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy and present their experiences within a wider, international context. Many of the speakers shared incredible personal stories and were able to reflect on the wider significance of the lessons they had learnt.

Through the example of Crossrail, Harbinder debated that large scale infrastructure anywhere in the world should take into account local cultural variations through artists' involvement and aim to reflect the communities that use these interventions within our cities. Harbinder received a great response from the delegates, mostly South London locals, who were fascinated by the scale of the construction taking place under their city and commented on the pride Londoners can take from being world-leaders in building projects of such complexity.

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“The Tedx forum encourages the audience to meet and discuss the topics with the presenters and what was evident was how amazed they were all were, with not only the scale of the project but also with the care and consideration in which we had integrated the architecture of Tottenham Court Road into the historic and cultural neighbourhoods of St Giles and Soho. ”

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