Groot Handelsgebouw, The Wholesale Building \

The Netherlands is notorious for its success in exporting the image of Super Dutch Architecture across the globe, having been at the forefront of progressive urbanism for the latter half of the 20th century. In many ways Rotterdam- 'the working city' will remain the exemplar model for this philosophy following the city's resurrection in the 1950s.

The Wholesale Building, Rotterdam is one of my favourites within the city. Not least because of the presence its subtle monumentality commands in respect of its later peers. But, because, if any it epitomises the progressive building philosophy and teaching Dutch Architecture thrives on. The May Bombardment flattened Rotterdam's wholesale sector. Whilst sufficient funding was available the practical resources to execute the building were stretched across the whole city. The idea of a collective building- the wholesale building, was born out of these frustrations. This combined effort ensured weight was added to the city's obligation to provide; better funding was allocated, priority was given  on orders of building material and operations. The communal behaviour that enabled the buildings successful completion in 1953 set a precedent for the expectations of its occupants and the city's regrowth as a whole.

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