#GreatSchools... Time for a Manifesto\

When we launched the #GreatSchools campaign in March 2015, we were keen to raise our hands to say architects have a lot to offer the school conundrum to ensure we provide the best school buildings for future generations to learn in.

We were also awaiting the results of the General Election and anticipating the possibility of a change in government. Fast forward six months and, whatever your political view, it is apparent we have now entered a period of political stability unlikely to change for the foreseeable future. Successions of Governments have tinkered with education policy. There is an urgent need to create more school provision, but the process is being impaired by short-termism and a one-size-fits-all approach driven by cost and not long term value.

Working with the Architect’s Journal, the #GreatSchools campaign has included other professionals equally as passionate about school design as Hawkins\Brown are; we have promoted case studies to demonstrate good practice through projects which have been delivered within a tight budget; we have used our experience to identify 10 points for designing #GreatSchools; we have also hosted a round table discussion to debate how we might improve the process to promote good design at low cost.

The results of the round table encouraged us to form a think tank with the key objective to get the message out there that architects can positively influence the next generation of schools. We have compiled a ‘manifesto’ summarising our proposals which will be issued this Friday with the Architects Journal (25.09.15). This is not the end of the debate, and we fully intend to keep shouting that architects are part of the solution.

Read the #GreatSchools manifesto

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