Coventry Opening \

Nick, Jason and myself were invited by the Vice Chancellor to the official opening of The Hub - formerly the Student Enterprise Centre at Coventry University.


This was one of a whole series of openings but the only one with a speech by me! After kind words from Madeline Akins the Vice Chancellor, Gerry Ackerman the Assistant Director of Estates and Richard Dakin from BAM and the former student Jimmy Doherty who is the young face of farming on the telly. I tried to explain a bit about why the building looks like it does. I think (I can't remember if all I planned to say actually got said) I explained about the sustainable agenda - about the green roof garden, the natural ventilation and the solar control. I tried to explain that the stripes on the elevation were meant to mirror the movement of people walking past the building, making the new connections the layout of the site encourages.

I talked about how adventurous the University had been and what a great client they were to really push the boundaries! Unfortunately I kept calling the larger circular seating elements "dog bowls" rather than the University's idea of nests - but it raised a laugh!

As ever, it's a bit sad to finish the regular round of site meetings, queries from the contractor and the rhythm of a construction programme. The team at BAM were really good people and we will miss them! It will be interesting to see what the whole offices makes of the building when we go there for our Christmas party.

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