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Over the past few weeks, Hawkins\Brown have hosted 11 work experience students.

They were tasked with designing a home on a small site for a fictional character or themselves, learning a large range of skills along the way – from physical model making, 3D modelling and using these to create images to explain and further design their schemes. Many students also had the chance to engage in live projects within the office, gaining an insight into what it’s like to work in a creative studio.

It was a great opportunity for us at Hawkins\Brown too, to re-visit these early design skills… and remember why we all wanted to become architects. Thanks to the students for their enthusiasm and fresh perspective – We hope it was a memorable and useful experience. Good luck!

“One thing that I noticed about the company was the importance of talking to other employees and using one another to have assistance on a particular project. I found the many members of staff there were extremely welcoming and kind and I soon settled in with the kind faces around me which can sometimes be a very daunting experience, so thank you for easing the situation.”

Work Experience student

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