Archikids Festival\

Chloe and Shoko worked with the Ministry of Making to deliver a drop-in workshop for children and families over the Archikids Festival weekend. The festival was the first of its kind organised by Open City and encourages an understanding of architecture and good design by directly engaging in activities held at buildings and spaces that are architecturally inspiring.

At the ‘Beneath the City’s Skin’ workshop, we encouraged participants to make models using art straws and rolled up newspapers, inspired by triangulated truss structures of some of London’s most iconic buildings. The children uncovered the ‘hidden strength of triangles’ to make creative structures, ranging from the Big Ben to cantilevered skyscrapers and an impressive polyhedron structure on stilts! Everyone had great fun, and the structures were displayed at request of the nearby Broadgate tower to inspire staff and visitors.

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Thank you to Lizzie Edwards and Janet Clark from the Ministry of Making for getting us involved. To find out more, please contact

Thank you to Patrick Berning for the use of his photos.

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