Bringing Ancient Greece Back to Life...\

At the end of 2015, the Hawkins\Brown team of RIBA Architecture Ambassadors were privileged to lead the final workshop centred on Ancient Greece, at Rokesly Junior School in Hornsey, part of RIBA’s pilot programme.

In anticipation of seeing a culmination of half a term’s worth of ingenious creative inventions from 90 year five pupils, we eagerly set to work in the morning. We tasked ourselves with creating a large scale model of a fictional Ancient Greek city from nothing but cardboard boxes and crepe paper in the school hall. Complete with its own Acropolis high on the school stage, this city was to be the setting for all the amazing models that were soon to flood the hall.

Once the pupils had chosen the appropriate locations of their creations, the city came to life; we were astounded by the attention to detail and sheer creativity of the work produced from simple recycled materials. Palladian, structural and visual principles learnt in the previous workshops had clearly been absorbed and developed over the term. The day culminated with an award ceremony for some very deserving winners!

“The team at Hawkins\Brown have created a truly inspiring learning opportunity for the children at Rokesly Junior School. They showed fantastic communication skills in being able to open up the world of architecture to a previously uninitiated audience of 90 primary school children! Coming up with a brief to create spaces and places for characters from Ancient Greece engaged the children in a potentially complex topic in a playful way. Many thanks for sharing your skills and passion so generously.”

Fiona MacDonald, Learning Manager: Schools and Young People at RIBA

The workshop series has been really successful. It was fantastic to hear from parents how much their children enjoyed the workshops. The children fully engaged in the designing and making process, taking great pride in their role as architects for the term. We hope that the children have gained a better appreciation for design and the surrounding built environment.

We look forward to continuing our participation and contribution to the excellent RIBA programme over the coming year!

Many thanks to Rokesly Junior School for participating and again to Fiona MacDonald for her continued dedication to the scheme.

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“The RIBA Architecture Ambassadors programme has been a great way to engage young people in a dialogue about their built environment and the value of good design. And in the end, we had as much to learn from them as they did from us.”

Hazel York, Partner

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