A Machine for Learning\

Louisa and Dan attended the teacher's opening of the new teaching block at Eltham Hill Technology College. The new facility, together with the new sports block, is phase 1 of the redevelopment of the whole campus. Designed as a 'machine for learning' the building accommodates a library and social learning facilities, specialist ICT, science, art and technology labs as well as flexible general teaching spaces.

The Principal, Madeleine Griffin, gave an inspirational speech about looking to the stars, referring to the speech Stephen Hawking gave at the opening of the Paralympic games. Local MP Clive Efford also attended to show his support. He was keen to know how much consultation had been done with the school, and was pleased to hear that they were involved from the very beginning to ensure the building meets their functional requirements. There were lots of positive comments about the bespoke graphics and carpets that were designed with a group of students.

The new school was designed to help the school save energy and achieves a BREEAM Excellent rating. Hawkins\Brown will continue to work on phase 2 of the project over the next year and will monitor how the school is being used during this time and beyond.

The opening was great. There were lots of teachers who recognised us from the design sessions, and told us about how excited they are about their new building.

Eltham Hill Technology College

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