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Hawkins Brown is pleased to announce its involvement in a major European architecture exhibition.

Park Hill, the landmark modernist housing estate currently being regenerated in Sheffield by Urban Splash, will be the subject of an exhibition opening this summer at the Centre International pour la Ville, l'Architecture et le Paysage (CIVA) in Brussels.

In the exhibition Park Hill is featured as an exemplar regeneration project, presented alongside a social housing development on the outskirts of Brussels, which was built in the same year and suffered a similar fate, falling into disrepair some 20 years after it was built. Ieder Zijn Huis employs many of the same architectural strategies as Park Hill including a concrete frame structure and ‘streets in the sky’ access at every third level, and the team tasked with its renovation face many of the same challenges as Park Hill’s architects.

Unlike Park Hill, which was granted listed status in 1998 and remains occupied to this day, Ieder Zijn Huis is not protected and has been derelict for many years. Whilst Ieder Zijn Huis will be retained as social housing, the renewed Park Hill estate will be mixed tenure, creating a community of owners and tenants to ensure its long-term sustainability.

Both projects will be shown in their historical and sociological context, drawing comparisons and raising debate about their value and the lessons learned from their refurbishment. The exhibition features both archival and contemporary photography and film footage, drawings and models.

Exhibition listing information:

1000 Rooms With a View
8 June – 30 September 2012
CIVA (Centre International pour la Ville)
Rue de L’Ermitage, 55, 1050 Brussels, Belgium
T +32 (0)2 642 24 50

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