UK premiere of short documentary WHAT WE DO HERE\

The UK Premiere of WHAT WE DO HERE presented with supporting lecture 'Making in Practice' from Hawkins\Brown architects.

What place is there for physical hand-crafted models in the increasingly digital realm of modern architecture? How does challenging students to look beyond the screen and ‘get their hands dirty’ inform their understanding of and relationship with the structures they are conceiving?

WHAT WE DO HERE explores how aspiring architects at Manchester School of Architecture approach various stages of modelmaking as they grapple with materials, methods and machines to ultimately reveal the ways in which the models inform their individual growth and understanding. In addition to this it examines modelmaking pedagogy that staff integrate into their student assignments and practice through their own research projects.

We will be offering a post graduation look with the preceding lecture 'Making in Practice'. A look at how practicing architects use these skills to conceive, develop and present their ideas in the contemporary building design world.

Wednesday 17 October 2018
18:00 - 20:00
235 Deansgate
Odeon Cinema, Great Northern
United Kingdom
M3 4EN

Bookings closed.

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