Studio Culture\

We are a progressive, award-winning studio, and one of the leading design-based architectural practices in the UK. At the heart of this is our studio culture.

Our studio

We believe an exciting and interactive working environment nurtures creativity and enthusiasm. Our studios are living laboratories where we test ideas about new ways of working, to produce the best design solutions. Clients and collaborators are always welcome, for formal meetings and to say hello.

We create places with personality and purpose that are well-made, well-used and well-loved. Our values underpin how we work, and how we pursue this goal.

Our values

We love what we do. Working with us is refreshing and enjoyable.

We are curious and take nothing at face value. We challenge pre-conceptions and embrace lateral thinking.

We are constantly striving to improve how we work. We are ambitious about embracing new challenges and proactive in sharing new knowledge.

We value the part that everyone has to play. We believe in mutual respect, listening to others and the importance of communication on every level.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We create buildings that tell stories about people. And to tell the stories of all the people who live, work, learn or gather in those buildings, we need to be a practice that reflects the full diversity of these people and to foster a culture that respects and celebrates that same diversity.

Our process of design should build on an in-depth understanding of social, spatial and economic contexts within which we work to aspire towards a more inclusive and equitable society.

A knowledge sharing programme structured around talks and workshops will amplify awareness and ensure the practice is equipped to continue shaping more inclusive places and buildings for people.

We’ve made good progress towards this but there’s much more to do. To ensure we continue in the right direction we will be:

Comprehensive: we will ensure EDI considerations are fully reflected in all aspects of our practice, in our work as designers and in how we recruit, retain and develop our staff...

Accountable: this is a responsibility that we take seriously. A senior Partner will champion equality, diversity and inclusion across the practice

Collaborative: we will continue to convene our staff Working Group and other communities within the practice to promote EDI and ensure the voices and views of all our staff are heard

Organised: we will be clear about our plans and priorities, and be systematic in our approach

Objective: we will regularly analyse and publish data to track our progress and highlight where we need to do more

Open: we will continue to draw on external advice and scrutiny and be honest about where we can do better

Supportive: we will continue to work with peer practices and industry bodies in support of broader industry-wide EDI initiatives

Ambitious: we will of course at all times comply with all relevant EDI legislation but wherever possible we will go beyond this and incorporate best practice into how we work

Gender pay-gap reporting

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