Yair Schwartz \

Yair is an EngD (Engineering Doctorate) research student research leading into life cycle carbon calculations for new and existing commercial buildings in collaboration with Hawkins\Brown and UCL Bartlett.

Yair is a registered Architect in Israel. He gained his Architecture degree at Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology, and worked in several practices gaining experience both in small scale interiors and in large scale public building design.

In 2011, Yair decided to follow his passion and interest in Sustainable Design and graduated in MSc EDE (Environmental Design and Engineering) at the Bartlett, UCL with distinction. His thesis, in which he compared leading Sustainable Design standards, was awarded "Best M.Sc Dissertation (2012)" by CIBSE`s Building Simulation Group.

Before joining Hawkins\Brown, Yair worked in a Sustainable Design specialist practice focusing on Passive House residential building design.

Outside the office Yair likes travelling, and is a keen photographer of both nature and urban scenes. He also likes to read and is especially interested in history.

Current live projects

The first is a plug-in to Revit which can calculate the embodied carbon within a whole building. As detail is added through the stages the results can be re-run automatically. The last time we did this it was manual – this tool is incredibly powerful. It will enable us to easily assess designs for all parts of the building from an embodied carbon and life cycle perspective as well as design quality.
The second is still being developed, but will see the culmination of the research project Hawkins\Brown have been sponsoring for the last few years. The aim is to be able to examine the benefits of refurbishment or demolition of a building environmentally through comparison of the embodied carbon and operational carbon over a lifetime for a refurbishment and optimal, notional building. Based on defined spatial parameters the tool will automatically assess a number of proposed layouts to find the optimal new build solution and compare it to an optimal refurbishment. The programme has the ability to become a passive environmental design tool within the office, offering layout suggestions, based on environmental criteria, which can inform decision making.

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