Michael Riebel \

Michael is trained as an art historian and architect. He also holds an MSc in Urban Design and Sociology from the London School of Economics. His dissertation on the spatial perception of the residents in an East London council estate was graded with distinction.

Michael works as a researcher for Hawkins\Brown’s thinktank &\also which synthesizes its aggregated architectural experience, while speculating on future forms and practice of the built environment.

Michael combines a wealth of experience as a researcher and architect, having worked on a large variety of projects and studies, including works for Daniel Libeskind, FCBstudios and the Farrell Review.

With a broad background in art history, architecture and sociology Michael has a comprehensive understanding of architecture as a multifaceted process within a specific framework of social and political conditions. Michael combines his detailed knowledge of the built environment with critical thinking, and approaches his research tasks with the necessary mix of rigid analysis and speculative, open-minded attitude.

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