Michael Riebel\

Using his broad background in art history and architecture, Michael is a specialised architectural researcher. He also holds an MSc in Urban Design and Sociology from the London School of Economics.

Leading the social research at Hawkins\Brown, Michael focuses on GIS technologies, brief development, post-occupancy evaluation (POE) and social value. By striving to understand how the built environment shapes people's lives, he is able to support and push forward our people-centred agenda at Hawkins\Brown.

Michael runs, coordinates and supports a wide spectrum of projects such as an award-winning study on industrial intensification, various POEs, social value audits, or a large-scale economic survey of the Thames Estuary for the GLA. In 2021 he secured Hawkins\Brown's participation in an international research consortium that includes the Louvre and Institute of Education in Edinburgh.

Michael combines his detailed knowledge of the built environment with critical thinking and approaches his research tasks with the necessary mix of rigorous analysis and an open-minded attitude.

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