Eduarda Vieira \

Eduarda studied at the Porto School of Architecture and joined Hawkins\Brown after working three years in several refurbishment projects in Portugal.

Eduarda completed her master’s degree at the Porto School of Architecture, having spent a year at the Escuela de Arquitectura de Barcelona. In her final thesis she explored how cinema could be used to elaborate upon matters of architecture and urbanism. Specifically focusing on 1950-60’s noir films and their perception of urban decay and social unrest in United States’ biggest cities during that time.

Fresh out of college, she took part of the award-winning social project Arrebita!Porto dedicated to creating a sustainable model to regenerate the city centre of Porto. She continued pursuing her interest in refurbishment by working for a young studio in several renovation projects, learning about building conservation and bespoke design.

There is nothing Eduarda enjoys more than a good film. A close second is music, as she spends most of her free time discovering and collecting records.

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