Andrew Davies\

Working in the transport and infrastructure sector, Andrew has experience leading multi-disciplinary teams, co-ordinating and delivering complex architectural designs at both design and construction stages.

Currently Andrew is lead architect delivering the architectural design for Crossrail Bond Street Station. He has a detailed knowledge of client requirements within the rail and infrastructure sector design, enabling him to deliver ambitious, yet robust and compliant designs for the client. This, combined with his proven project management capabilities on complex infrastructure projects allow him to conduct a lead co-ordinator role between the many stakeholders on these projects, ensuring that designs achieve approval through their respective gate assurance processes at each design stage.

Andrew has a proven record working on high profile infrastructure projects. Prior experience as architect during design phases on Woolwich Crossrail Station, three years on-site delivering Kings Cross Station and working on the over-site development for Dalston Junction Interchange has demonstrated a range of design and delivery skills.

In the studio, Andrew co-leads one of Hawkins\Brown's ten design teams, championing design and collaboration, coordinating project resourcing and ensuring delivery. He strives to bring solid craftsmanship and design to the end user.

In his spare time Andrew enjoys playing football, running and travelling to new exciting places.

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