About Us\

The first time someone decided to mix sweet and salty popcorn, their guests must have been horrified. Minutes later though they would be guzzling the lot. That’s the thing about new combinations - you have to be a bit odd to consider them in the first place, but when they pay off you’re left wondering how you managed before they existed.

Admittedly, this isn’t a usual sort of About page for an architectural practice, but we’re not a usual sort of practice. We believe that projects come alive through uncommon combinations of ideas and people. In fact, we think that’s the only way they really come alive at all.

Ambitious projects are brain-meltingly complex. Considerations are societal, technical, physical, political, financial, geographical, environmental and psychological, and it all needs to be balanced with rigour and romance.

We bring a heart-felt social agenda and deep technical expertise but wield them with a twinkle in our eye. We think profoundly about the impact buildings can make on people’s lives while simultaneously trying to raise a smile. Playful and profound. Technical and human. Sweet and irresistibly salty.

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