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Mind Hospital

At the heart of the Punjabi region, known as the 'bread basket of India', the city of Ludhiana is experiencing rapid economic growth. This is bringing new lifestyle choices, opportunities and infrastructure to the region, but also an increased prevalence of mental health issues and drug and alcohol dependency. State-run psychiatric care is not yet configured to respond effectively.

We are working with a group of psychiatric practitioners, established within the UK, who are changing the nature of psychiatric care in India. Based on models of executive rehabilitation defined in the West, the group will offer responsive and tailored services based around a culture of wellbeing all set within sensitive, restorative environments.

Working to a limited budget, and in close dialogue with the client and a local team of architects and builders, we developed a model design approach that seeks to balance the restrictions of budget and construction resources in the area with our client's aspirations for an architecture that is restorative to the patients who will visit.

Funder Clients
Private Client
400,000,000 rupees
Under Construction
Ludhiana, Punjab, India